The next construction company becomes digital with cDots Jsc.

VAS Roofing and Facades, a company boasting over 30 years of expertise and innovation in metalworking, roof construction, and waterproofing, has recently invested in innovation once again: an operational reporting system for the construction and installation (C&I) of its activities.

The implementation of this solution has been entrusted to cDots Jsc, renowned leaders in process digitalization and construction management software. In its initial phase, the system will encompass two key components. Firstly, it will facilitate the reporting of works conducted on construction sites by monitoring the budgets of the planned Bills of Quantities and Costs (BOMs), which include related materials. The second aspect involves the planning of daily activities, material requests, and automatic updating.

Looking ahead, the vision is to progressively integrate the cDots software with the existing ERP system. This integration will involve feeding information on dispensed materials, employee earnings into the payroll module, electronic employee leave, electronic timesheets, and more.

“Since our inception in 1991, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on innovation in our work. From pioneering ‘American seamless unlimited length gutters’ to our current standing after more than 31 years, where we continue to rely on the latest and best services. This year, we embarked on the digitization of our processes—a costly and challenging endeavor that will position us steps ahead of the competition, with our customers being the primary beneficiaries!”

Eng. Hristo Stoyanov, Manager, VAS PRO LTD.