cDots Begins a Large-scale Software Project in the Biggest Working Metallurgic Concern in the Country

After contested negotiations with several well-established and proven software companies, Alkomet AD has chosen cDots to develop the official webpage of the metallurgic concern.

The metallurgic firm has continued to make one of the biggest investments in the region over the past years, reaching the amount of 25 million Euro. The company has acquired modern technological processes and has grown its production capacity and quality globally. As a result, Alkomet AD is now one of the biggest and most powerful producers of aluminum products worldwide, successfully competing with giant suppliers from China and India both with regards to quality of the products and precise manufacture.

In designing Alkomet AD’s web page, cDots will aim to showcase the new and modern appearance of the company. The project will aid the company in entering new markets and reaching broader audiences of clients, outlining the production capabilities and quality of Alkomet AD’s products.

Over 10 specialists will take part in shaping the vision and execution of the new web page, including international experts.  cDots firm is responsible for the web page design, creative and content decision-making, and all accompanying activities, such as hosting and maintenance for several years. Furthermore, services like the use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers are included, as well as other specific content distribution services.