Risk Management System

Three years ago, when we started the development of the risk management solution as a subcontractor for the Air Traffic Control – Sofia, Bulgaria (Bulatsa), this type of systems was a matter of serious interest. Big companies with complex distribution systems were paying attention to this type of systems but were hesitant in acting.

We showed what we had done for BULATSA, and companies responded that the solution was really valuable and in the future, they would not be able to exist without such solution.
Those who trusted us, however, helped us do something really unique and universal – our fully automatic risk management system in the course of the operational work of the employees calculates over 7 types of risks: financial, operational, administrative, credit, insurance, investment, organizational, etc.

The system defines the operational activities within the enterprise. While reporting the operational activities, the solution provides real time information about the values of the risk types.

Once defined, a project may be multiplied for risk management in other company activities. The solution is implemented in integration with other solution which automatically extract information about the operational activities of different units. Thus, it helps us reduce the work and increase reporting in the meantime. The management has up-to-date information, integrated and processed by several systems in one – that is the way to manage risk. We know how, we are aware of it, we manage it and perform prevention. This the new modus operandi.

The solution is our first project in which we integrated Pure Java, Java tools, core processes developed by J2EE, in integration with AngularJS and non-relational database MongoDB.