cDots provides the full range of IT services and solutions for your business

cDots Corporation is a group of companies with representative offices in London, Montreal, Sofia and Izmir. The company was incorporated in the end of 2010 and it covers the full range of IT products and services.  

1 – Web pages, websites, mobile and web applications

The design, contents and programming are equally important to the effective and operational webpage. Our websites rely on brand and vision with original images, easy and intuitive navigation and adequate use of video and animated elements, so that the website is useful and up-to-date at the same time, as well as accessible from every desktop and mobile device.

2 – E-stores, intracompany systems and Enterprise software

We develop personalized and easy to operate e-stores, integrated and tailored to your business. We provide you administrative panel for managing the whole e-store, operating its contents, adding and editing products, texts, promotions and banners. We include broad range of methods of payment – from online payment systems to virtual POS terminal. You are also provided with the opportunity to create promotions with start and end date, prepare reports, inquiries and detailed real time statistics, in order to follow the successfulness of your business.

3 – Maintenance, security and training

We offer and operate cutting-edge technologies that ensure the safety and stability of the solutions and web products we provide. With the creation of every product, website or application we ensure training and maintenance, for a period chosen by you during which we are always ready to help you. Our relations are built on personal attitude, approach and full understanding of your business.

 4 – Provision of servers (physical and virtual), cloud services and licensed software

The company has its own cloud structure. IBM servers of the highest class. We offer our clients set of all services including virtual servers, physical server, hosting and the related monitoring, security, archiving (disaster recovery, archiving, recovery, etc.) and training for the users that will operate the software in question.

Our advantages – we work in out-of-the-box manner, while developing solutions that dare be different and innovative, we use the boldest technologies… and we always succeed!