KCM Jsc. with 100% electronic vacations from cDots

One of the largest metallurgical enterprises on the Balkans – KCM Jsc. digitizes 100% of the leave of its employees in its entire structure. 

The solution is developed on the basis of e-administration systems from cDots’ software products, and specific modules and extensions have been introduced so that nearly 1500 employees of the structure can submit their application from any modern device, from anywhere in the world. 

The investment was made as part of the overall digitalization of the company. The computer system is designed to be expanded with additional modules for employee schedules, automatic generation of attendance forms for administration purposes (Form 76), and other e-government modules are provided as functions for tracking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE / OSH), a very important and essential element in metallurgy.

The system for vacations and accompanying modules is integrated with the used ERP system