cDots Participates in the Global Exhibition on Services in Mumbai, India

Strictly adhering to the plans for a global development, the cDots firm took part in this year’s Global Exhibition on Services in Mumbai (previous name Bombay) in India.

Over 100 companies from India participated in the Exhibition and over 500 international delegates from all areas, including IT, attended it. cDots had two representatives and achieved agreements with two Indian companies to cooperate in the field of IT services.

The first contract secures up to 25 java programmers, with 10 of them taking up a project in Bulgaria for one of cDots’ biggest clients. Their role is to aid with the development of a specific functionality for one of the biggest companies in the Agro-Food industry, where a project for the production process has already being executed.

The second agreement is regarding a mobile technology, used by financial institutions. This technology offers commercial agents the opportunity to serve consumers outside the offices of the bank or the credit institution via a specific device. This solution is going to enter cDots’ portfolio of products and will be offered in Eastern European countries. The solution includes a mobile device, which has an off-line regime and preserves the data, the bank accounts, and the loan portfolios of the customer. Thanks to that, the representative can give out a loan on-the-spot or gather receipts from the client’s house. The device then prints the required document for the transaction. The technology offers not only wet signature and a stamp on the document, but also a biometrical scanner for the fingerprints from the client. This way the user may sign up on the device itself or on the document, or even verify the transaction with a fingerprint. This technology is being widely used by clients with lower literacy levels or whose state of health does not allow them to do use it normally (in cases like Parkinson’s decease, severely ill people, blind people etc.). With the fingerprint technology clients can enter their accounts without having to remember a username, password, or other required signs for entry, although the system still offers the classical way of entry.

Highlighting the benefits of participating in the Global Exhibition of Services, cDots’ manager Philip Detchev said, “We saw many interesting products and services from this part of the world. We have gathered experience, which we will apply successfully to the solutions, made thus far. Part of these technologies may be considered vanguard in our region, but I am sure that in the near future, once we offer them to our clients, the products and their innovative approaches will be a hit.”