cDots Corporation is looking for Equity Investment for its global development

cDots is a company that creates success and achieves ambitions – we Design, we Develop, we Deliver – we are cDots! Now we are ready for more!

cDots Bulgaria was established in 2011 with a single second-hand computer, no office, financing, mentor or business angel. Without financial or business support the company was able to attract a wide range of customers – from the largest companies in the country to holding structures operating on several continents.

We have created unique, innovative and profitable products on a global level and we are close to achieving global success on our own.

Now we are confident of achieving success, we have proven the quality of our services and we have the knowledge, the opportunities and the necessary security – we are looking for a strategic investor. We are looking for a small investment for global success.

You can preview the Executive Summary about cDots ltd. here (PDF document). You can also review the Company Finances – here (Excel document)

You can also read our story about history of the company (the emotional part) – How we started…

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