cDots will work with Zarra Coffee for their new website

Company cDots LTD was nominated a contractor of Zarra Coffee.

Being one of the large coffee producers in Bulgaria – Zarra Coffee chose our company for developing their corporate website. The solution is based on AngularJS front-end part, NodeJS Backend part and non-relational database, which is to store and manage the photos and products.

The project aims at developing new, corporate vision of the company whose ambitions are about growing regionally and in further foreign markets. The company imports raw coffee – it develops its own makes and produces customized packaged products for other companies.

The project is planned for 1 month and contract was entered for maintenance and marketing operations for the next 12 months. Zarra Coffee relies on cDots in its capacity of market leader with experience and knowledge in corporate development concerning the particular region. “Our personal ambition is turning the trademark into widely recognizable and increase orders to over 3 times more than the ones that were placed until now!“ – Philip Detchev, CEO of company cDots Corporation Ltd.

Consequently, the project would be developed into e-shop that will be selling own products and products of other makes in the country and abroad. The planned company turnover is 1 million annually via its ecommerce solution.