Alexander Electric with precise planning and resource accounting

In the last months of the year, Alexander Electric Ltd. expanded its software system for the management of construction projects and human capital by incorporating specific functionality for precise resource planning, including materials, services, and human resources.

Following development, work processes are now monitored virtually in real-time, allowing for dynamic adjustments. Sites, workers, and materials are planned on a weekly basis, and their performance is closely monitored on an hourly basis. This approach enables the company to efficiently manage over 90% of its resources and allocate them to various construction sites. The accountability of work approaches 100%. In cases of worker absence or unavailability at a particular site, the work plan and site assignments are adjusted interactively.

Alexander Electric Ltd. stands as one of the leaders in electrical construction, building automation, and low-current installations in the country. The company’s journey toward becoming a high-tech enterprise doesn’t conclude with the development carried out by C Dots Ltd; instead, it is part of the comprehensive digitization of the company, which will continue into the next year. This includes the implementation of electronic leave management, sick leave records, e-work records, and morе