KCM JSC with significant investments in its digital administration

For another year, the management of KCM JSC has made significant investments in the overall digitalization of the enterprise and the elimination of paper-based processes. In 2022, a large-scale IT project covering administration and human resource management was initiated. The project, executed by cDots Jsc, aimed to establish a corporate portal where each of the nearly 1,500 employees could submit leave requests, access information from the built-in internal corporate portal, utilize the food ordering systems, engage in e-learning, and incorporate a significant module for managing employees’ employment records electronically.

Initially, the primary focus was on redesigning existing systems into a unified corporate environment—a cohesive web space with a single point of access to digital resources:

Following the restructuring, existing systems were enhanced with new features, including reporting project work under remote conditions (home office), segregating functions for scheduling by brigades and personal schedules, and compiling forms 76. Additionally, there was a separation of contacts and locations of employees along with their profiles and roles in the portal.

The process continued with an investment in building an Electronic Labor File from scratch—a system delivering work-related documents electronically, such as applications, requests, memos, document templates, orders, and more. The challenge was to ensure 100% compliance with government regulations, implement information security and encryption systems, incorporate two-factor authorization, provide an easy signing tool with a Qualified Electronic Signature (KEP), and more.

“With this dedicated system—the Electronic Labour File, as part of the unified portal—we provide convenience to all involved parties. Our employees no longer need to visit a specific room for a particular document. Moreover, documents issued and signed with the CEP are stored in an accessible and secure environment at any time of the day,” says Mariana Gurkopashova, General Director of Human Capital Management, KCM 2000 JSC, Plovdiv.

“The system combines the invaluable know-how of Holding KCM 2000 JSC contributed by highly experienced professionals and the latest technologies for developing such applications. The synergy between both teams allowed the completion of this, for me, unique project for our country! I am pleased that we have realized it and can offer it to other large enterprises in the country—enabling them to work intelligently, conveniently, securely, and saving hundreds of units of effort, logistics, paper, and more,” states Philip Detchev, CEO, cDots JSC.