MIV Engineering and cDots Expand Their Construction Accounting Software Solution

MIV Engineering is the company responsible for some of the most substantial construction sites in Bulgaria. They have over 200 finished projects and are responsible for the critical infrastructure of more than 80 of them, including banks, offices of the Bulgarian Postal Service, main offices of VIVACOM, and others in Sofia and other towns. Now, the company is expanding the functionality of cDots’ software solution for automated accounting and reporting of general construction work.

The new expanded functionality offers centralized order process for materials needed on a given project.  It also includes tracking the quantities of products and materials available in warehouses and on the project sites.

With the development of these two additional custom capabilities, MIV Engineering will more successfully oversee the management of materials needed for their construction projects. The goal of this new development is two-fold – to improve company accountability to the client in terms of materials costs and project progress and to improve the tracking of materials, which will assist in administrative accounting.

An additional client-centered capability is also being developed with which every client of MIV Engineering that has a signed contract can enter the system (via username and password given in advance) and place a request for maintenance (ticket). The request will be received in the head office of MIV Engineering and will be processed by an employee to whom the request will be assigned. The client will be notified duly via email about the undertaken task, site visits, order completion, materials used, and the time that was necessary for the service to be provided. Simultaneously, clients will be able to track their requests and be informed about monthly maintenance costs, including workhours and materials.