Arton Ltd. Enters International Markets with cDots-made Web Page

Arton Ltd., a Targovishte-based company that makes products for the glass manufacturing industry, entrusted cDots with the creation of its new web page, aimed at international audiences and markets.

Of the new venture, Sezgin Uce, owner and manager of Arton Ltd., said the following: “We trusted cDots with the creation of our original webpage and the project was enormously successful. So, I sought them out when it was time for us to enter European and regional markets. We had absolutely no reservations in working with cDots to create a different page for our international clients. We fully entrusted our colleagues with the creative vision and we are completely certain of their professionalism.”

The project includes building a page with a conservative design, which is rather accepted in the industry branch. The idea of the page is to have an easy to navigate visual layout and ergonomics, aimed at providing the user with information. That way the specific product that the potential client needs can be easily and swiftly found. Once the client has found it, one click is required to get in touch with the company. The rule of the three clicks has been kept: “I found, I like, I make the call.” This simplicity and ease of navigation is the most valuable feature of the page.

According to Philip Detchev, manager of cDots, “In this case, there is no need for a highly original design or interesting animations – this is a page, which works for a conservative branch, where decision-making is based not on emotions, but on description, awareness, and need. The page needs to be light, easy to navigate, and useful for Arton’s potential clients. I think that this is what we have accomplished! With the web page as an asset, the company is ready to showcase itself on the global stage.”