MCK Jsc opens its systems to customers

The conclusion of 2022 introduced new functionality for MSK Jsc. in their digital construction management solution, allowing them to directly track construction work from customers within their system.

For over three years, MCK Jsc has been utilizing a digital management solution for construction processes, production, and machinery (both owned and rented) from cDots Jsc. This program enables real-time monitoring of all construction sites operated by the company. It includes features such as automated reports, mechanization tracking by site, production reporting, employee attendance, planning completion rates, profitability analysis of work, and more.

Since the start of 2023, the system has been opened to the company’s customers, granting them appropriate rights and access to information. Investors and developers can now monitor the construction process in real time, tracking inputs and work progress. At the end of each week, they receive automatically generated reports summarizing the activities during that period.

This initiative enhances client (investor/developer) confidence as the actual work and investments are transparently displayed on a daily and hourly basis. Clients can effectively control, plan, and stay informed about the development of their investment.

The digitalization of construction processes and administration began at MCK Jsc. more than three years ago, and the company is now reaping the benefits of this investment. Beyond constructing buildings, MCK Jsc is also constructing trust through transparency, openness, and providing 100% information to its customers.