Management of briefings and visitors on H&S procedures in enterprises

In recent months, the leading manufacturer of kiosk devices/interactive terminals in Bulgaria ( and cDots Jsc ( have formed a strategic partnership, enabling the provision of a comprehensive solution for the management and control of access in large enterprises, along with the corresponding guidance for visitors.

The complete solution encompasses the supply, installation, maintenance, and service of an electronic visitor invitation management system, including mandatory training and briefings required for external access to enterprises in accordance with the Health & Safety (H&S) and Physical Security (FO) department procedures.

This system incorporates electronic courses (briefings) and the digital completion of briefing materials via kiosk devices, where courses are conducted prior to creating a file and entering the premises of a plant or unit. Visitors register at the kiosk terminal by swiping their Identity Card, Passport, or other identification document, undergo the briefing, complete the exam/questionnaire, and receive a pass card for the designated unit within the factory or premises they are entitled to enter.

The solution efficiently manages visitor access by different groups, including assembly groups, shipping (drivers and trucks involved in loading and unloading activities), new employees, and general visitors.

The information terminal is equipped with a built-in ID reader, sound, and visuals for the relevant briefing, as well as a camera for the exam/quiz. The software does not grant access to visitors who have not passed at least 70% of the exam questions. Upon successful completion, it captures the visitor’s information and prints an access card displaying the visitor’s face and level of access to the establishment.

The combined offerings from Kiosk Bulgaria and cDots’ software solutions fully address 100% of the requirements for instruction, training, and associated access control for external individuals in businesses where thorough visitor briefings are crucial to prevent accidents.

Both companies are actively engaged with some of the largest companies in the country, including those with stringent Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures, such as KCM 2000 Group Plc and others.