cDots Ends 2017 with Operating Profits of € 17 000 and Huge Plans for Future Growth

In accordance with early projections, cDots closes 2017 with a profit of € 17 000. This will present the company with the opportunity of entering new markets, which was temporarily halted.

In 2018, the company is planning to participate in many fairs, conferences, and forums at home and abroad. Relationships with foreign investors in vanguard technologies will be strengthened and the company will begin expanding its business in England in Turkey, where there already are completed projects.

Philip Detchev, cDots manager, spoke of the plans: “At the start of the new year we will visit Turkey first, in order to track the possibilities to grow there, where we closed one of our biggest projects from the mining industry. And immediately after that we have scheduled a meeting in London, England with several potential clients – I hope that we have a swift success, because it takes foreign companies a long time to trust firms like ours from Bulgaria.”

The plan also includes visits in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine – countries, which are traditionally being left out by many IT companies. However, cDots sees a huge potential for growth there. Romania has a huge market with a developing industry and it interrelates directly with Moldova (politically, economically and territoriality speaking).  Ukraine, on the other hand, is one of the most populous countries in Europe, where IT consumption is times higher than anywhere else on the continent, except in Germany.

cDots will do its best to attend one of the biggest exhibitions in Europe – CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, which attracts huge and risk investors. Until then cDots will pay attention to similar exhibitions in Turkey, the Middle East, and elsewhere in Asia and Africa. The company will also participate in local industry exhibits in Bulgaria.