cDots From the beginning

cDots – the company was established in late 2010 and start working at the beginning of 2011. The crisis, even if not in its full swing – was very tangible. Now we remember it somewhat nostalgic.

We won’t analyze how companies dealt with and/or took the path of innovation. We will only say that we were with them. The first solution we announced for their sustainable development or, at the time, their survival, was about late payment management.


Every business experiences (has experienced) this unpleasant procedure: “we supply because there is nowhere to go – they pay when they can because there is nowhere to take money from”. Then we came up with the solution, which very politely reminded customers every week or in a shorter period of time about their late payments – in a managerial, not accounting way. This provided information, guidance, plan for repayment of outstanding invoices, so as to preserve the win-win situation between companies.

This was the path that over the next few years determined the development of cDots. We became experts in financial solutions, and created relationship between numbers and management.

We threw ourselves in the world of finance, but on another curve – one that is different from the stereotype of reports and tabular information.