Strong Stroy Chooses cDots as Its Partner for the Second Time

Strong Stroy, one of the leaders in the construction industry in Shumen county, Bulgaria, has chosen cDots to develop the company’s electronic store for building materials made of concrete. Srong Stroy’s repeated choice of cDots for its custom software solutions showcases the reliable quality with which cDots meets the needs of its clients.

According to Philip Detchev, cDots project manager, at first the idea was not taken seriously. He shared that “when the company discussed its plans for an e-shop for concrete materials, I didn’t think that such a business venture would be a success.  However, after we carefully looked into the matter, it turned out that people would like to be able to estimate the cost of a certain product with included delivery to their construction site, particularly for such heavy materials. It also turned out that clients had difficulty in estimating specifics, such as the exact number of concrete materials needed to cover a certain area, so that they can review the selected materials and make an informed decision from the comfort of their home.”

The e-shop covers all typical functions of e-trade software solutions. In the future, specific functionally will be developed for Strong Stroy, so that clients can specify the desired route and calculate the cost of transportation, as well as automatically calculate the exact materials needed with respect to the area of the particular construction project.