SkyMet Ltd. chose cDots Corporation Ltd. as a supplier for the development of a new website

The leadership of the largest manufacturer and exporter of aluminum strips and accessories for interior and exterior design in Eastern Europe – SkyMet Ltd., approved our proposal for preparation of a comprehensive vision of the company.

The solution aims to present the company and its products at a global level. Our ambition is to become a leader not only in Europe but also on other continents.

The project includes the development of a new vision with Google’s latest technologies so that the system is easily expanded in the future. The use of non-relational database, Angular technology, video and photo shooting of the manufacturing process, including with drones, has been envisaged. The professional photo capture of the products and the positioning of their description (technical specifications) will be tailored to all SEO tools for the purposes of better indexing of the website.

Following the implementation of the project, SkyMet Ltd. will commission the development of an e-commerce solution to sell the manufactured products across Europe and the Middle East. The solution will be a fully integrated process – from inquiry through sales to delivery of the desired products to the end customers.

It is expected that the project will be completed at the end of May 2017, after which it will have a wide impact on the detailed marketing plan in Europe. The next goal is the Asian republics, which represent an undeveloped market for the company.