Sienit Holding JSC Applies a Technical Solution from cDots in a Major Construction Management Project

One of the biggest construction firms in the Bulgaria, Sienit Holding JSC (, has ordered a cDots’ software solution to manage the logistics of its construction projects. The system supports accounting for services provided and materials used. The solution will generate regular reports of the invested construction costs and labor. This includes recording the work of subcontractors, assembly and construction groups, as well as uses of technology to mechanize the construction processes.

The system, ordered from cDots, which works with other construction firms, will improve the accountability of the enterprise to its investors by providing daily reports on the development of the construction and on material and labor costs. The software will also compare these data with the projected budgets. The system increases daily accountability and visibility of completed project tasks and progress. It also sends notifications when there is a diversion from the normative plan. For example, the system will send an email to the leadership of the company if there are delays in the planned construction or if the materials budget is depleted too soon. That way the company can track the development of a project online and will have the ability to proactively respond before a slowdown or any other problem with the general construction occurs.

The use of this cDots software system will also improve subcontractors’ accountability – the granted services will be precisely reported and information on the finished stages of the project will be available at any time. The system will be accessible to investors, who will be able to log in with their own username and password. They will be able to monitor the progress of the construction project and also see the amount of funds that have been used, and how funds have been invested in materials and the labor.

The system gathers information about the utilized resources, materials and mechanization, and compares them to the accounting standards and to the given preliminary frameworks. It gives daily information on every aspect of the construction site and controls the execution of the project. With this software solution Sienit will become a leader in the field and will model correctness and 100% precise execution for its clients, investors, partners, and employees.

The software solution is not and EPR system and has no relation to the accounting, payroll, and the insurances of the employees. Furthermore, it has no legislative, administrative, or legal relations to the construction process – it manages the logistics and operational tasks relevant to a construction project. The software is not limited in licenses for its use, nor in the number of employees, subcontractors, or legal and physical entities that may access it in relation to a given project. The system is web-based, a portal that works on every device that has internet access without requiring additional installs of special apps or any other special software.

According to Philip Detchev, cDots manager, “The accounting reports, created by the technical or site supervisors, are generated on mobile phones.” He adds: “The program is intuitive – we created it so that people do not need to have high computer literacy or special computer skills to create the construction accounting reports. For those, working from their offices, the system processes the information and generates timely overviews of how things are going right now, in this moment. We will strive to further develop this software solution, so that it can automatically account for the use of machines in the construction in terms of use-hours, fuel, and labor shifts.”