Security or prevention – the halo of 2016 that is coming to its end

Security or prevention – the halo of 2016 that is coming to its end.

Security? We do not know why, but 2016 that approaches its end passed through the bosom of this word. It was mentioned in as many different manners as people’s attitudes. Furthermore – its use is already turning into equivalent of the literature and lexical definition of Paronyms*.

Nevertheless, according to us, without undertaking too much measures the business used that word only when there were problems. Not only small-sized business – large business that suffered because of IT security started pondering on its real meaning.

That was the way our business part related to security of the IT infrastructure passed by. Literally speaking – top managers used to call us saying: “Something happened to us, we don’t know what, but we ought to take measures“.

Everybody was quite perplexed because once we arrived, we started talking not about security, but about prevention. We forecasted the crypto-viruses in non-relational databases, the way that was about to happen, the place where the impute was located, how relational databases work… and most of them were left shocked!

But, yes! Unfortunately the meaning of the word “security” is not only about details, but about software development. Security audits are not supposed to cover only IT infrastructure, but the essential software development at the very beginning. This taught us that when we create the architecture of our solutions – in addition to functionality, satisfying the requirements and simplifying the business processes – i.e. being in line with the IT environment on which they work. This is prevention, this is security – this is Paronym – in the best meaning of this word. Real security, which starts with the development and continues with it! Especially when it is about mission critical solutions or e-commerce platforms.

2017 according to our research – one could see the situation would continue the same way, nobody would consider the budget assigned to security and prevention. And the occurred fires would be extinguished on-demand.

* Paronyms are words of similar sounding but of different meaning. These are words of one and the same speech part. Paronyms are converging and they could be mistakenly and inappropriately used in the speech. Paronymy is related to insufficient language competency.