Second of medical diagnostic laboratories with a solution from cDots

A second chain of digital laboratories ( for dental imaging has started with a software solution by cDots to share X-ray examinations on the Internet.

The laboratories in Sofia and Gabrovo are equipped with modern digital Planmeca devices, which combine in an impressive way technologies and workmanship to provide clear and detailed images at one of the lowest possible levels of X-rays of patients.

cDots software solution provides secure online access for doctors and patients to X-rays. The dental specialists can easily and quick do electronic referrals directly into the system, which automatically become available to laboratory technicians to perform the necessary imaging.

For each user role – patient, dentist and X-ray technician – the system maintains a separate profile with access to the necessary information. Doctors can either download images to a local device or view them online with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, and scale to maximize diagnostic value.