A second construction company for 2017 will rely on cDots Ltd

One on the most ambitious construction companies in Bulgaria, specialized in design, development, implementation and maintenance of electrical and low-current system – MIV Engineering, will rely on a solution developed by cDots Corporation for accounting for the input of materials and resources in its projects.

The specialized solution to be built includes:

  1. Remote reporting of material inputs in a certain site
  2. Time reporting by tasks
  3. Calculation of over-time work for employees
  4. Specialized reporting of unusual activities

By the implementation of this solution, the company will be able to perform real-time tracking of the workload of its employees on construction sites; to properly account for used materials and correctly provide information to assignors on project development.

In addition, the solution will calculate the cost effectiveness of a project by comparing the planned time and materials against the actual input of resources.