MCK Jsc – a landmark construction company for Bulgaria manage its processes with software from cDots Ltd.

The beginning of MCK Jsc starts from 01 April 1965. created through a Decree of the Council of Ministers began work with the cDots’ software solution for operational construction management.

During the years of its development MCK builds the emblematic ones for the country Asparuhov Bridge, Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, Kozloduy NPP, Radomir ZTM, KCM Plovdiv and many other projects. From 2018 MCK hase a prestigious award “Building of the Year 2018” for the construction of Industrial Park Sofia East.

MCK Jsc is using cDots` software solution for construction processes and plan their implementation. In near future the program will be upgraded with digital processes replacing their paper equivalents such as sheets, samples and forms, e-administration and others.

The mission of MCK Jsc. is to build reliable and quality buildings and facilities for the benefit of business and society – working with cDots Ltd. this is another proof that the mission is being followed!