KCM 2000 Group JSC (formerly KCM Plovdiv) trusted cDots for specific software developments

KCM 2000 Group is one of the largest industrial holdings in Bulgaria, built entirely with Bulgarian private capital. The group trusts the Bulgarian cDots to build a corporate portal including document management system – inside the enterprise and into the group of companies, as well as to build a modern web site with a world-class vision.

About 20 people are involved into the project, a team formed by the two companies. Development deadlines are extremely short. This requires a perfect organisation at all levels in both the KCM 2000 Group and the developer cDots.

At the current stage, one of the projects is in a very advanced phase and is going to be finished. The other one – first steps and approvals are ready so development is in charge.

KCM 2000 Group is a key participant in the economic life of the country, operating in the field of metallurgy and mining, production and trading of concentrates, non-ferrous metals and alloys, technological engineering and trade, complex industrial service.