InsideView – View inside in your company

InsideView is a system analyzing the operational activity of all employees:
• Telephone conversations
• Sent emails
• Generated, approved offers in the CRM system
• Orders from the ERP solution
• Activity of the chat app
• Skype conversations
• Internet browsing
• MS Word documents
• MS Excel spreadsheets
… and gives you an answer what is not working properly at the company.

How InsideView works
Why some offices are more efficient and others have an excessive number of employees? Which does not work well in the maintenance department? And what is the real efficiency between marketing and sales?

Primary objectives
Provides managerial information, provides answers to pressing issues and realizes 100% of the company potential. Metrics is determined on a temporal basis (daily, weekly, monthly, annual) and from the activities of every employee versus the performed typical activities for his/her position. It produces a visual reference under the form of a chart about the workload, efficiency, implementation of your available resources.

Why have we decided to create InsideView – Because numbers are not enough
People perceive first images visually – well before we learn the language to describe them. Therefore, visual communication, under the form of charts and interactive references, is the most powerful tool for presentation of large data volumes
This is the most effective management – informed, prudent, safe, reliable.

The solution is intended for medium-sized and big companies and institutions; C-level and Top Management levels at the company. If you are interested in creating a similar solution for your company, contact us