Glavbolgarstroy Management Project

When we started our second project, we used pure Java once again. The project covered the integration of several business processes. Fortunately there we had to undertake comprehensive analysis – the instruments we had and started writing were not sufficient. Then we started studying the other business and system applications, the way these were developed, what were the benefits they provided us with, the results we had and their follow-up processing.


J2EE, HTML, CSS – everything seemed so simple and played out, but we were off the beaten track. The solution assigned to us was supposed to provide information from several systems, namely IBM Lotus Domino Server, Custom Developed CRM solution based on Eclipse and Lotus Forms, MS Active Directory based on virtual servers set by VMWare Solutions and Tools… and tens of systems from which we were supposed to acquire the information, transform it and provide the management with it in a kind that makes it ready to use.

Work with Glavbolgarstroy

After all that was Glavbolgarstroy JsC – the largest construction company in the Balkan Peninsula. Holding structure of 17 companies that operate in three continents and over 20 countries of the Middle East, Europe, Asia and partial projects in Africa. A structure that was gasping because of resource management – following up the projects in a highly fragmented business environment. Continuous conference calls were held, email reporting, documents in two record-keeping systems, payments’ management by the Financial department, payments effected by the Accounting department, verbal orders – without any opportunity whatsoever of following events and deadlines up. Back then we made a miracle for ourselves as well as centralized system for the client to manage people, processes and documents. A system that provides information to the management about what was going on in the company and the capacity to manage it all effectively and with little effort.

That was the project which turned us into business analysts and software integrators at the same time. We understood how to develop java applications in integration with other systems. Then we understood the real meaning of the project for “integrated java application”.

We should confess that after a few years namely what we learnt from Glavbolgarstroy Jsc inspired us to create the most influential solution created for the business until then: gaps reveal and resource allocation system.