FAQ about Inside-View and seek investment

Equity Investment Needed with 90% ROI for at least 3 years

We have created remarkable operations management solution that will change the way of doing business worldwide. “Inside-View” the new way of management thinking!



cDots main specialty is the development of core business and administration solutions. Some examples of implemented corporate systems which we have developed and integrated: Risk Management System– people, processes, resources and risks between them; Time Management System – system that covers all resources input in terms of time for implementing projects; Document Management WorkFlow – record keeping system for management of document workflow within the enterprise; Credit Management System – management of credits, loans, billing and collection; etc.

Last year we’ve found opportunity to create a software solution (so-called Inside-View) that will manage in detail all operations into a company. The software collects all operations done by employee’s everyday work (word, excel, CRM, ERP, emails, calls, etc.) and giving the “gaps” of the company workload.

 Target market

This solution is created for large companies and enterprises with sophisticated structure – many offices in different countries and representatives.

 Revenue generation model

“Inside-view” collect all the details of employee’s workload and giving the answer of the question – which operations are the most sustainable part of the business success! The software is based on license model as annual subscription, but the most expensive part is the consultancy and implementation – it covers many systems, consultancy services and writing procedures how it will work.

 Business goals and expected outcomes

This solution is intended to become a “brain” (CPU) of the company management. After its implementation, we are guaranty at least 30% better operations and sustainable workload which will bring the company incredible success in any field of its business.

 Progress on the project/business

Pilot project has started in an enterprise with more than 300 employees. First results were brilliant. Now we are looking for bigger project to extend our potential.

 Project timeline and key milestones

Implementation process in a big enterprise with 1 000 employees will take from 6 to 8 months – enough period solution to be created with standard functions and ready to be multiplied for other customers.

  Funding needs and offering to the investor


We need 400 000 USD – 40% for developers/admin salaries, and other funds for sells and marketing. We are offering 30% share from cDots company.

  Competitive advantage

Our main competitors are two companies who work with data based on issues made before:

qlik.com and tableau.com

Our main advantage is that we are collecting the information (almost) on-line. We are not working with “ready-to-go” data, we can show customer’s company status “right now”.

We are investigating and deliver the real picture of the company and its readiness of your business just in time. How it’s going right now – at this moment, this very second.

In the future, every manager will have an alarm that “something is going wrong right now!” on its smart phone!

 Rationale for the deal

There is no such thing in the market like: “company on-line operations status overview”. If we are the first in this area – we will gain the needed know-how how to implement and show important data first and on these bases to calculate the real status of the company. This means that we’ll have the right formula to consult customers how to manage the company effectively. The real revenue will come after the implementation of our solution: “you already know the gaps – we are the consultants that will tell you how to manage the gaps effective – based on our experience with other customers!”. In other words – after implementation we’ll have a chance to share knowledge for effective management at big prices. Inside-View is the instrument who will give as a chance to collect know how from many companies – and this know-how to be ready for sale!

 Use of financing

For first I’ll need some money for marketing and sales. When first customer will come – I’ll need money for salaries of developers, PM and administrators (some of them for IT equipment), then again budget for sales and marketing for the ready solution.

50 000 USD for initial marketing (on-line advertisement, sales expenses for traveling and demonstrations/negotiations/sales); salaries for 10 employees for 8 months and needed IT equipment (computers, office, software) 230 000 USD, and  100 000 USD for co-marketing, sales and advertisement (exhibitions and others)

 Your opportunity for the investor

We are offer 30% share of the company!

 Why cDots?

We are way beyond the limits of standard thinking; we create solutions, which dare to be different; we use the most ground-breaking technologies… and we always succeed!