cDots will work with Strong Stroy LTD for their new website

Company cDots Ltd.  was nominated a contractor of Strong Story

The largest construction company in North-Eastern Bulgaria chose cDots Ltd. for developing the new corporate vision of Strong Stroy Ltd.

The construction company is unique thanks to its projects and would like this to be evident in the country, as well as abroad. The solution would be constructed with high-quality photos, innovative presentation of products via SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), transition effects with unique appearance and structure.

The company relies on cDots because it believes the experience of specialists when it comes to these effects is at the necessary level and it is capable of coping with the unique requirements that were outlined – beyond the standard frameworks.

“We have high ambitions and out-of-the-box thinking! Thanks to this our business develops and now we will make it even larger because we met company cDots and share a lot of common things with them – unconventional, unique, professional – I am sure this is the key to success!“ Niazi Ahmed – manager and owner of Strong Story Ltd.

The project includes marketing activities for making the page popular and advertising budget that will be disbursed by cDots, in order to present the new solution in the most effective manner.