cDots Visits with Clients and Potential Customers in Turkey

In the very first month of 2018, cDots representatives visited with clients in the Turkish cities of Istanbul and Izmir. The representatives discussed the current project of the company Gordes Zeolite, visited the mines of Zeolit, which are being expanded, and explored directions for expansion of the project itself.

The Gordes Zeolite project has three interconnected dimensions – global presentation of the company, raising popular awareness of the mineral Zeolite and its applications, and, last but not least, the popularization of ongoing Zeolites projects as a whole.

During the present visit, an agreement was signed to expand the project. Additionally, on site photos were taken to help promote Gordes Zeolite and its projects in the directions mentioned above. The use of these photos will present a realistic picture of the mines and the products instead of using stock photos, which may have relevance but are less authentic to the project.