cDots Expects a Profit of around 17 000 Euros in 2017

cDots’ 2017 projections show a clear profit for the company after a very difficult year on the heels of the 2016 losses that resulted from investments in the Turkish markets. The contracts the company won in 2017, and particularly the software solutions developed for big players in the construction and services sectors, are helping cDots climb out of temporary financial difficulties.

Philip Detchev, cDots manager, put out the following statement in connections with the projections: “It should be noted that the temporary financial difficulties did not have an adverse effect on our firm and did not result in delays of payments. We have no debt, no late payments – it’s just that the financial resource has been lacking to support our expansion in the Turkish and European markets and halted our desire to expand into Asia.

I see clearly the perspective: up and ahead, further ahead! The coming 2018 will be the year, in which we will achieve many of the goals we have set for ourselves. The year will be devoted to finding new markets with many big clients in Asia and Africa, and perhaps even further – Australia, for example.

I’m certain in our future. Our clients like what we do and contract us for new projects, we have not lost a client, nor have we had an unhappy client. Yes, this is enough for us to keep moving forward, as hard as it may be, and sooner or later we will succeed!

I’m certain in the success of our clients, I’m sure of our success – after all we are the company, which makes ambitions come true!”