Bulgarian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry chose cDots Corporation Ltd. as its developer

The project to develop the new BULTİŞAD website is a very important undertaking. cDots Corporation Ltd. is a company that can carry out this complex project encompassing the demands of more than 100 members of the Chamber.

The website has to offer in ergonomic way in several languages a very large amount of information positioned in such a way as to be useful to all member companies, present and future, as well as related exhibitions, links and trade operations between (but not only) the two major countries – Bulgaria and Turkey.

The website will have an extremely easy-to-navigate CMS (content management system module), an ad section, a classified section, and a business-to-business section in both countries.
In the future, it is envisaged to develop functions such as a “hidden forum” for the Board of Directors to share and discuss decisions related to the management of the Chamber, as well as a section for knowledge exchange (knowledge base) and employee exchange between the companies.

The project is completed and is expected to be officially launched by 15 May 2017. The budget includes marketing goals and advertising funds so that the Chamber becomes a major business tool to support the business between the two countries.