ARTON Ltd., a representative of KENNAMETAL-USA, will rely entirely on cDots Corporation

ARTON Ltd. is an official distributor of KENNAMETAL-USA, the leader in the manufacture of high-quality metal-cutting tools and machines. At the end of April 2017 it chose cDots Corporation to provide complete information services.

The project includes, in addition to local IT support of the developed infrastructure, the company’s presentation as a regional leader.

A solution for Internet presentations will be develop for the customers – a super modern website that also shows the products that ARTON Ltd produces for the largest companies in the region, such as Trakya Glass Bulgaria (SiseCam) and other mega-companies from Turkey and Greece.

The following have also been envisaged: building a Youtube channel and a LinkedIn page that will be supported by cDots in order to attract new customers.
Subsequently our company will carry out projects for other companies related to the company and the products they offer.