Alexander Electric Ltd. reports construction, labor and leave electronically through cDots products

One of the largest companies in electrical construction, design of electrical installations, electrical services and automation systems (AE) in the country began to report the construction and installation work, work performed and leave of employees with the products of cDots. 

The company is building significant construction sites in the country, and from the beginning of 2021. digitizes its processes and performed activities.

The project also covers electronic submission of leave, automatic calculation of employee earnings and automatic creation of reports and actuation to its clients. 

In the future, improvements are planned, which will digitalize the processes in the company as much as possible, such as planning the necessary resources by sites and automatic recapitulations of projects.

“I am very happy that more and more construction companies are starting to reform in this fundamentally rigid industry – construction! Welcome to Alexander Electric on the path of an all-digital administration! ” 

Philip Detchev