A Group of E-shops Entrusts cDots with Its IT Infrastructure

A huge group of electronic shops, positioned as an administrative and logistical center in Bulgaria, fully entrusted cDots with the development of its IT infrastructure.  The group of companies sells through local shops, as well as through international platforms, such as amazon.com and Alibaba.com. Over 50 000 products with nearly a thousand orders per day are shipped from warehouses in Bulgaria to the whole world. cDots was chosen as their partner for the development and maintenance of their IT infrastructure, which includes the servers for managing the orders, the e-shops and e-commerce, and the office end-devices, such as computers, printers, and scanners. This also includes the group’s security systems, which are the key component for their clients according the European directives for private data protection (GDPR) and other such non-EU legislation.

cDots provides its IT services on monthly subscription plans with prepaid hours included and reduced stakes after the package has been spent.

“We have strong commitments to our clients regarding protection of information and confidentiality. This is why, unfortunately, we cannot reveal the name of our client, but I am extremely happy that a company operating practically worldwide put its trust in us. Happy clients make our work worthwhile and the company we work for is a big, very big, and a very happy client!” said Philip Detchev, manager of cDots.